Hello! I'm Wesley, a user experience and interface designer creating meaningful and convenient experiences for humans.

Helping the company to better understand and fulfil all kind of user's needs and expectations, to make our daily lives as effortlessly as possible.
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Putting the user at the heart of my work and achieving the business objectives are of paramount importance to me. I create value by crafting the idea for a completely new product, evaluating the quality of an existing one, or delivering an amazing and desirable product based on your business goals.

Research & Analysis

Understanding the user's needs, behaviors and expectations make me capable of delivering value and building the foundation for a successful product.

Creative Concept

Facing a design problem, I go through an ideation process with the aim to generate a large quantity of ideas. I facilitate a judgment-free environment that leads to deeper exploration and innovation.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Creating wireframes allows me to bring shape to your concept. I define the outline of its structure, layout, and information hierarchy. Building function, form and bring wireframes to life via interactive prototypes. This is my perfect communication tooling.

Test & Validate

I conduct testing to ensure that your user experience is optimised to be as seamless as possible. The result will lead to uncover problems, discover opportunities and prioritization.

Visual Design

I'm a Creative Perfectionist that builds user trust, interest, and strengthen brand perception by creating a strong visual design system. Your product will look and feel amazing through proven design principles.

Iterative Process

Customer satisfaction is crucial by building products. Iterative design allows me to create and test ideas quickly to improve overall usability and validate the product before the developers starts coding.

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Wesley is someone who you just want on your team. He brings tons of energy, positivity, and creative ideas to the table to get your projects to the next level.
Jorrit Zijdewind — Communication Manager