ICA Presents
UX & UI Design
Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
During the ICA Presents Live Event students HBO-ICT and CMD present their promising projects. This gives them a chance to win one of the five coveted ICA Presents Awards and 250 euros. A professional jury will decide. ICA Presents is part of the HAN.
Interaction Designer
Feb. 2016 - Jul. 2016
live website
ICA Presents
Buro302 - Development
Omar Pierre - Media Designer
Iris Kornmann - Content Designer
Wesley van den Brink - Interaction Designer
The previous group of internship students left some great data insights behind. I sorted that out and validated the insights in a focus group with stakeholders. After the research and analyse phase, I started working on the structure and layout. Via creating wireframes I could easily gather feedback in an early state of the design process. Within multiple iterations I tested and created a visual design that would be used during and after the ICA Presents live event.

In cooperation with the development team from Buro302, we launched the website before the ICA Presents live event.
Coming soon...
No. of activities:
• Desk Research
• User Research
• Focus Group
• Wireframing
• Visual Design
• Usability Testing
• Social Media
• Live event crew